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What is

- is an online platform that brings together local host families and tourists.

How does work?

- You can find the appropriate time and place during your journey, find the host and book the place. You can pay in advance with VISA or Mastercard or you can pay in person with cash. Remember, you will book the food only, other activities are free and hosted by families.

What types of experiences are offered on

- gives the chance to experience the local Uzbek culture and national food on Uzbek host families. It includes: affordable Uzbek foods, memorable conversation with families, cooking sessions, traditional events.

How do I find a host near me or in a specific location?

- Use the search feature on the website to find hosts based on location. You can filter experiences by city or region to discover local hosts offering unique culinary experiences.

What cuisines and dishes are available through

- features a range of cuisines, with a focus on authentic and traditional dishes. Expect to find experiences showcasing local specialties, including Uzbek national foods such as somsa, plov, kebab, and manti.

How do I book an experience on

- Select an experience, choose a date and time that works for you, and follow the booking process on the website. Once confirmed, you`ll receive details about the location and any additional information from your host.

Are the hosts vetted for safety and quality?

- Yes, carefully vets and approves hosts to ensure a safe and high-quality experience for users. Hosts are selected based on their culinary expertise, hospitality, and commitment to providing authentic cultural experiences. They are provided with service certification of the platform.

Is available in multiple languages?

- Yes, is accessible in multiple languages to enhance the user experience. You can choose your preferred language from the language settings on the website. Currently, the platform is working in English, Russian, and Uzbek languages.

How can I become a host on

- If you`re interested in becoming a host, there is likely a section on the website that provides information on how to apply. Check the "Registration" section for details on the application process. You will be checked by the agents of the company. When your application is confirmed, you will receive the letter and can start your service.

What safety measures are in place for users?

- prioritizes the safety of users. Verified reviews, secure payment processes, and a vetting system for hosts are some of the measures in place. Users are encouraged to provide feedback after each experience to maintain a high standard of service. Each service process is monitored by the service agents. If you have any questions, they are ready to help.

How can I contact customer support?

- If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to customer support through the contact information provided on the website. This includes instant messaging, a contact bar, email, a local telephone number, and social media connect.