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Your summer trip will be enjoyable in Shuhrat Jalilov's house, one of's best houses.


  • 1-cuisine

  • Plov

    Plov is the main dish of Uzbek cuisine, and it holds a special place in the heart and taste of many people. It is a hearty, fragrant rice dish cooked with a mixture of meat, onions, carrots and spices. The dish is usually prepared in a large, heavy pot called a cauldron or deg, which allows for even cooking and the development of the desired crust known as a "cauldron". The main ingredients of Uzbek plov are rice, meat (often lamb, beef or chicken) and aromatic vegetables such as onions, carrots and garlic. The dish also contains spices such as cumin, coriander, and sometimes dried fruits and nuts, which provide a rich, complex flavor profile. Making Uzbek plov involves a unique method in which the rice and meat are layered in a pot, allowing the flavors to meld during the slow cooking process. The meal is often served with side dishes such as achichuk (fresh tomato and onion salad) and delicious yogurt. Uzbek plov comes in different regional variations, with cities like Samarkand, Tashkent, and Bukhara each adding their own flavor to the favorite dish. Uzbek pilaf is the pinnacle of culture, tradition and culinary art, from its rich history rooted on the Silk Road to its importance in social gatherings and celebrations.

  • 2-cuisine

  • Mowkichri

    Moshkichri dish is one of the famous national dishes in Uzbekistan. The main ingredients of this dish are eggs called moshkichri (wild) and makkor (rice). Moshkichri dish is usually prepared in kitchens and at home and is loved by many people.

  • Desert

  • Halwa

    Holwa (Arabic: حالاواة) is a type of dessert. Oil, sesame, walnut kernel, almond kernel, flour and other ingredients are added to the sugar or honey-boiled stew. Cocoa and cocoa powder, raisins, sugars, vanillin, citric acid and others are added to Holva to improve its taste. According to the ingredients, there are varieties of Holva such as Cucumber Holva, Corn Holva, Walnut Holva, Sunflower Holva, Sesame Holva, Peanut Holva, Pashmak Holva. Each type of holva is called vanillin, chocolate, vitaminized and other names, depending on the amount of auxiliary substances added. In the countries of the East, including Central Asia, the profession of carpentry has existed since ancient times. In large shakars, holva-paz are specialized in preparing various holvas using grapes or mulberry molasses, flour, oil, sesame, apricots, etc., and then sugar and sugar.


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